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Experts in residential and commercial bird control services in the Toronto area.

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We offer 24/7 pigeon control services depending on your location and technician availability. Our goal is to respond quickly and efficiently to all calls.

Featured Products

We have several products for the control of birds according to the needs. We avoid the use of harmful poisons that can cause unnecessary damage to the environment and the bird.

Effective solutions

Our pigeon control services are effective and reliable. Take a look at our Google reviews for evidence of our work or contact us for free, no-obligation advice.

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Your Expert in Pigeon Management and Control in Toronto GTA

Say Farewell to bird Troubles with Our Comprehensive Control Solutions

Seeking swift, reliable bird control? Our Toronto-based team of experts is on standby, offering a compassionate approach to pigeon management. With more than 10 years of experience, we stand as your trusted ally, committed to resolving avian challenges effectively while prioritizing the birds’ welfare.

Experience a pigeon-free space, assured by our decade-long dedication to ethical practices and expert solutions.

Ken Gilson
Ken Gilson
A netting was installed on my balcony of a high-rise building to keep Pigeons off my balcony. I highly recommend Pigeon Control Toronto, especially Manuel who did our netting installation. The company was very friendly, and professional from beginning to the end. I am amazed at the great job he did. Their prices are really reasonable as well. I called around to different places and their price was the best price and the most reasonable. I can't say enough good things about them. If you get them to do the work, I don't think you will regret it. I know I didn't.
Zarif Mahmud
Zarif Mahmud
Pigeons kept roosting and hanging out in my balcony causing a mess, so I contacted Pigeon Control to do a cleaning of my balcony, and then install bird netting. Great communication, they were very responsive and answered all the questions I had. The person who came in the next day, Manuel, did a fantastic job of removing all the pigeon detritus, deep cleaning the balcony, and installing the net, wish I'd contacted this company sooner! Highly recommend Pigeon Control for anyone looking to get their balconies cleaned, and/or install netting.
C On
C On
Balcony netting Amazing job was done today Looking really nice..
Hassan Muhammad
Hassan Muhammad
Manuel was amazing and did a phenomenal job!
Lina Rodriguez
Lina Rodriguez
Such a great service. From the first moment I contacted Davis, an appointment was set up pretty quick. Manuel did an excellent work installing the net. He was on time and his work was really professional. The quality of the net is really good and resistant. It doesnt look bad as other nets. We are extremely satisfied because all the work was as explained. I would recommend them 100%. Thank you so much!!
Pamela Del Giudice
Pamela Del Giudice
My balcony had been taken over by three generations of pigeons. My apartment building finally installed netting and I was left with the task to clean up the droppings, nests, unhatched eggs. I was really overwhelmed. I sent Pigeon Control Toronto a message with photos and they were the best rate out of a few that I contacted. Manuel came today to disinfect and clean my balcony, windows, railings, and my outdoor table and chairs. No water was spilt to the balconies below. He was very polite and wore shoe covers while inside the apartment. He did a really good deep clean in just under 2 hours and I couldn’t be happier. If you’ve been hesitating, just call them. You’ll be relieved once it’s done. Thanks Manuel!
Pidgeon Control has been nothing but wonderful and spectacular. Our balcony were riddled with pigeons and the floors were covered with pigeon droppings. It got so bad that we started seeing bird mites in our unit. Bird mites are little mites that live and feed off of bird blood. When they cannot find birds, they can bite humans and cause itches, rashes, and irritation on the skin. Pigeon control were able to complete a chemical spray within the unit that treated and exterminated the bird mites. Additionally, they worked meticulously to install bird spikes, and gel in every possible location on the roofs where birds and pigeons could nest. Finally, they were able to clean and disinfect all pigeon droppings that were stuck and left all over my balcony and rooftop. I couldn’t be happier with the result.
Susan Duncan
Susan Duncan
Excellent service. The workers were polite, careful and efficient.
Thiso Makeup
Thiso Makeup
I have never left a review so fast in my life! Literally, the cleaner left 20 min ago. My balcony was destroyed by pigeons. It was to a point where I couldn’t clean it myself. And my superintendent of my building said I really need to get it cleaned. It was that bad! I found Pigeon Control Toronto online when I googled for pigeon services. They were fast on the phone and I was able to get an appointment within a couple of days. I had someone named Adrian come to do the service. And my god! Best money spent! I can actually walk outside in my bare feet and sit and enjoy my balcony! He not only cleaned, scrubbed and sanitized the balcony but also cleaned the furniture the pigeons destroyed. I had this plant stand I was going to throw and buy a new one but Adrian was so nice and said he’ll clean it and even got rid of some of the garbage on the baloney I didn’t want. Very professional, affordable, fast and did an amazing job! Highly recommend Pigeon Control Toronto!
Steve Wilcox
Steve Wilcox
Excellent communication. Very fast, professional service with friendly, efficient, skilled technician. I highly recommend this company, it was a great experience

Bird control solution

We have several methods for bird control in Toronto and GTA. Each one is tailored to the customer’s needs.

Bird Netting

This method comprises of nylon netting, fixed to a wire rope frame that is pre-tensioned. The result is an extremely strong net that no bird can pass through. Birds also find the net very difficult for them to land or perch on.

Bird Wire

Bird Wire" It is a common bird control solution employed in urban environments and buildings to prevent birds from perching and nesting on structures, windows, roofs, and other undesirable locations.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes provide excellent bird proofing by making surfaces hard or unpleasant to land on, therefore preventing roosting. Usually made from a plastic basing, they comprise of metal spikes that stick outwards and upwards

Balcony Cleaning

Reclaim your space with our expert cleaning services tailored to eliminate pigeon feces. Our skilled team ensures thorough and safe removal, restoring cleanliness and hygiene to your environment.

Bird Solar Panel Protection

Enhance the performance of your solar panels with our cutting-edge bird protection solutions. Our expert services shield your investment from avian intrusions, ensuring maximum energy production.

Electric Track

Electric Track Bird Control" involves the installation of electric tracks in areas where pigeons gather or roost. These tracks emit low-voltage electric shocks to deter birds.

Your Local Pigeon Removal Experts in Toronto

Are you tired of dealing with pesky pigeons around your Toronto property? Look no further! Our team of dedicated experts is here to provide top-notch pigeon control Toronto services tailored to your needs. From residential to commercial spaces, we specialize in humane and efficient pigeon removal, ensuring a bird-free environment for you and your customers. Let’s delve into the world of pigeons, birds, and how we can help you achieve a pigeon-free zone in your facilities.

Your Trusted Partners for Pigeon Removal services in Toronto.

We are certified installers

BirdBarrier Licensed

Bird problems in Toronto? We are your solution!

Service areas

Residential Services:

Creating Peaceful Homes with Pigeon Control Solutions

Your home should be a place of tranquillity and comfort, but pesky pigeons can disrupt that serenity. We understand the frustration of dealing with pigeons on balconies, roofs, and other areas around your residential property. Our expert team specializes in humane pigeon control for residential spaces, offering a range of solutions tailored to fit your needs. Say goodbye to pigeon nuisances and embrace a pest-free haven in your home.

Apartment Balconies:
Apartment Balconies:

Balcony Netting Solutions for Pigeon-Free Living

Apartment living should be hassle-free, but pigeons roosting on balconies can quickly become a problem. Protect your balconies with our efficient pigeon netting solutions. Our team ensures that your apartment building remains a clean and pleasant environment for all residents. Let us help you reclaim your balcony spaces, so you can enjoy your city views without the presence of pesky pigeons.

Commercial Services:

Enhance Your Toronto Business with Pigeon-Free Premises

Pigeons in Toronto on commercial properties can lead to a negative impact on your brand reputation and customer experience. Ensure a pristine and inviting environment for your clientele with our commercial pigeon control services. Our team excels in implementing discreet pigeon netting Toronto and removal techniques, ensuring your business operations run smoothly without any unwelcome interruptions. Trust us to protect your brand’s image with our efficient and business-friendly pigeon control near me service.

commercial pigeon control
pigeon control construction
Engineers and Architects:

Integrating Pigeon Control into Urban Design

As engineers and architects, you strive to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces. However, urban design must also address the challenge of pigeon populations in city environments. Our team collaborates with engineers and architects to integrate effective pigeon control measures seamlessly into the design process. Let’s work together to create harmonious urban spaces that prioritize the well-being of both residents and the environment.

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Our 5 Point Process for Effective Bird Control Solutions

1. Contact Us

During this initial call, details about the bird problem are collected, such as the location, severity of the issue, and any specific requests.

2. Site Evaluation Scheduling

Following the initial call, an appointment for an on-site evaluation is scheduled. This allows experts to visit the location and gain a more precise understanding of the situation.

3. Client Consultation

After the on-site evaluation, a consultation with the client is scheduled to discuss the findings and present the proposed bird control strategy, including associated costs and timelines.

4. Installation

Experienced technicians proceed with the installation of the selected bird deterrent measures. This may involve setting up systems like Bird Wire, installing netting to block access points, or placing bird spikes in areas where birds commonly perch.

5. Maintenance

Scheduled inspections and maintenance visits are carried out to address any wear and tear, replace damaged components, and make necessary adjustments to ensure ongoing effectiveness.


In addition to our commitment to delivering unparalleled services, we provide an exclusive warranty that underscores our confidence in the effectiveness of our interventions.

Pigeon Control Toronto offers a satisfaction guarantee, assuring you that if issues persist after our initial intervention, we will promptly reevaluate and address the situation at no additional cost. This warranty reflects our dedication to achieving lasting results and your utmost satisfaction.


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